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Tigard is a recreational haven for sports and recreational enthusiasts alike. By day, residents can traverse the Fanno Creek Trail or play a round of golf at the Summerfield Golf Course. Then they can head to Washington Square for shopping or take in a show at the Broadway Rose Theatre Company. Perhaps our favorite time to be in Tigard is in June for the Festival of Balloons, a spectacular sight, no matter how many times you see it!

This idyllic community has been named one of the most livable cities in Oregon, and we aim to keep it that way. You might not immediately think of asphalt pavement as all that vital for quality of life until you think about how much of your daily life is affected by it!

From your driveway at home to the parking lots at work and the grocery store, you spend a lot of time on asphalt, going from point A to point B. If you want the asphalt on your property to be in tip-top shape, get in touch with Affordable Paving today.

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Your home or business is an investment worth protecting. When you have a well-maintained driveway or parking lot, it helps you maintain property values, and it can even give them a boost!

When done right and maintained correctly, asphalt can last for years, but it all starts with a good base. We work with homeowners and business owners to ensure that the ground beneath their pavement is prepped for longevity before we begin any new project. 

We take into account a variety of factors, including the soil on your property, the types of vehicles that will be on the asphalt, and how much traffic you’ll have. We also ensure that drainage is adequate to prevent water from pooling on the pavement. When water is stagnant on the surface of your asphalt, it can lead to cracking, degradation, and potholes.

Seal coating is another service we recommend for asphalt and should be done every one to three years. We can advise you on when and how often to seal based on the characteristics of your property.


The heavy rains of the Pacific Northwest can do significant damage to your parking lot’s painting and striping. Well-marked parking lots are essential for safety, both for your customers and your employees. There are also government requirements for ADA-compliance and fire codes, so keeping your parking lots in working order is vital for your business.

We will also work with you on the design and layout if you’d like. Sometimes, the original striping job isn’t ideal for efficiency and traffic flow. Other times, you might need to set up new spaces for electric vehicles, ridesharing, and other situations.

Another popular request is custom stencils. We can get or create almost any pattern. “No Parking,” “Reserved,” “Compact,” and numbered and lettered stencils are common, but we can also paint a custom design if you wish. For example, “John’s Parking Only” can be designated on a spot that’s been reserved for someone named John.