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Asphalt surfaces take a beating in Portland, Oregon. Heavy rainfall, temperature fluctuations, and general wear and tear all contribute to pavement surfaces cracking, turning gray, and looking run-down. 

Preventative maintenance is vital to enhancing your curb appeal. From parking lots and driveways to tennis and basketball courts, Affordable Paving has been providing asphalt seal coating for more than 25 years.

Asphalt maintenance is as much an art as well as a science. Our team of seal coating contractors delivers quality work and professional results guaranteed. And, we do it at all at a competitive price. The word “affordable” is in our name, after all!

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More About Asphalt Seal Coating


Seal coating provides a protective layer over your pavement surfaces. Asphalt seal coats are typically a black, viscous emulsion blend of asphalt, water, sand, mineral fillers, and other additives selected specifically for the Portland metro area climate conditions. 

An asphalt seal is one of the most cost-effective ways to maintain the look of commercial parking lots, private roads, residential driveways, and other surfaces.

At Affordable Paving, we also use maintenance products like a hot rubberized crack sealant that provides a moisture-resistant barrier. It is resilient, flexible, and durable, making it a top choice by professional asphalt contractors for crack repairs between seal coat applications.


Pavement maintenance is often ignored or overlooked until it’s too late. By taking proactive steps to protect your surfaces, you can avoid expensive asphalt repairs later.

Here are the top benefits of working with an asphalt contractor:

  • Extend the life of your parking lot or driveway by protecting it with a seal
  • Prevent the formation of cracks and potholes
  • Create an attractive, uniform coat, making the blacktop surface look clean and new
  • Protect surfaces from oxidative elements, including UV rays, oils and chemicals, and resting snow or water 
  • Provide a slip-resistant surface which protects your loved ones from injury and your business from liability
  • Reduce long-term repair costs


While every job is unique, this outline contains the general procedure that we follow when we are providing seal coating:

  1. Ensure favorable weather conditions, including dry weather for at least 48 hours and a temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold.
  2. Barricade designated areas to ensure no traffic enters.
  3. Clean the area with specialized equipment such as motorized wire brooms, street sweepers, scrubbers, and power washers.
  4. Evaluate the pavement and then prime it.
  5. Patch cracks and holes, repairing any damaged areas. 
  6. Apply the liquid seal coat over the entire surface using either a squeegee or sprayer.
  7. Apply multiple coats after evaluating the first coat.
  8. Allow the area to dry for at least 12 hours and do a final inspection and walk-through with you.
  9. After the final coat has dried, remove the barricades (usually about 24-48 hours).
  10. Apply parking lot striping when applicable.


As a family-run business, we provide professional commercial, industrial, and residential paving services at a competitive price. Our materials and craftsmanship are guaranteed. Get in touch for a free consultation and estimate.